Bingo – A Music Incentive Challenge

I am excited to share my Bingo game with you!  This is a very customizable studio incentive program that encourages students to work on theory and other music principles at home.  You can download the entire program here!!!  There are four levels available.  Each level contains a printable pdf that includes flash cards, rhythm exercises, and other pages needed to complete the challenges.  You can print them double sided so the answers are on the back of the flash cards!

Students picked 1-2 challenges each week and had a parent sign on the tracking sheet.  Once the challenge was completed students marked off the square (I used stickers).  When they completed a row they earned a treat (I only rewarded for rows, not columns or diagonals – it got too confusing!).  We had a party at the end for anyone who completed a black out!

The challenges are very adaptable to the level of the student.  Students who were struggling were assigned less rows or rhythm to practice more often, or more repetitions of flash cards to help them.  Each level comes with two pages of rhythms and exercises, one harder and one easier so you have flexibility for each student!

My students had a lot of fun and enjoyed being able to choose which challenge they were going to work on!  I found that using the tracking sheet for the other students to see was a great motivator – you can use “code names” if you want to keep students names private, but the great part of this as a studio incentive program is that every student is able to complete it at their level and you are able to help them focus on their specific needs!

The pages look great printed in color but can be printed in black/white.  I printed a few copies for each level and kept them in a box for the students to choose from.  You can print a copy for each student if you prefer!

There is a listening challenge for each level – I have included the names of some of the music that I used that can easily be found on and other music sites.  Most of my students have siblings in my studio so I would send a CD home with the family to listen to.  I created CD’s that are about 20 minutes long and had the student listen to it twice and tell me their favorite.  This was a huge hit!!!  I made one copy of each CD and kept it in my box for students to choose from.  Several families asked for the links to download the music so they could make their own copy!

This was a lot of fun and I was very happy with the progress my students made.  I continue to use the flash cards to send home with students to continue to work on theory at home as needed!

You can download the Bingo games here!

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