Incentive Programs

Studio Incentive Programs

I love to make theory programs fun for my students!  These programs take 6-12 weeks for students to complete.  Each student is given level appropriate challenges to help them become a better musician.  I have found that students progress faster if they can see how they are doing compared to the other students!  I try to create challenges that are very adaptable for both the struggling student and the student ready to excel.


Each bingo square has a challenge.  Students choose two squares each week to complete, treats are given for rows completed and a party or prize at the end for those who achieve blackout.  4 levels from beginner to intermediate are available.  Challenges include rhythm sheets, flash cards for notes and symbols, exercises, scales, mini performances, intervals, key signatures, listening challenges and more.  Everything needed to complete the challenges is included in the downloadable pdf (all flashcards come ready to print double sided with the answers on the back!).  Can be printed in color or in black/white.  Listening CD’s are not included but there are suggestions in the teacher instructions.  Download the game here!  More information and instructions can be found here!


Students complete challenges to earn points for their team.  Points can be earned by practicing,



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