Theory Games

I love to create games for my students to learn theory concepts – I have found that they look forward to doing theory this way!  Games are divided by concept and level.  All games are free to download (make sure you get all of the individual pages!) or look for “level packets” and “bundles” available to download in one easy to print pdf!

Beginner Level

Download the entire beginner series in an easy to print format HERE!!!  All beginner flash card sets are included in one pdf.


 Monster Step vs Skip

Students separate monsters into steps vs skips.  I will also have them tell me if the interval is going up or down.

 Aquarium Note Values

Fill the fish bowl with the correct note and it’s value


   Monster Lines and Spaces Flash Cards

Practice putting the mnemonic phrases in order with these fun monsters!


 Beginner Symbols Flash Cards


Beginner Notes Flash Cards


Level 1